The Westcoast Cloud Team
March 18, 2022

Trust no one (unless they’re Westcoast Cloud)

Obviously, we’re kidding. But, with cybercrime costing economies more than $6t each year, and estimated to top $10t by 2025, being alert to cyberthreats is a must. It’s just as well that March is seeing the debut of a lot of new cybersecurity tech. Read on to find out more…

Microsoft Defender for Cloud – your multi-cloud bodyguard

With more attack surfaces and less secure devices, hybrid working has brought new and growing security risks. That’s why Microsoft have added native multi-cloud protection for the industry’s top three platforms, Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, and Google Cloud Platform, making them the only cloud provider to do so.

Microsoft Defender for Cloud provides Cloud Security Posture Management and Cloud Workload Protection. From a single platform, it identifies configuration weak spots, helps strengthen overall cloud security, and provides threat protection across workloads. Not too shabby.

On top of this, it enables you to:

  1. Secure and protect Azure, AWS, GCP, and hybrid environments in one place
  2. Assess and strengthen the secure and compliant configuration of your cloud resources
  3. Detect vulnerabilities to protect against malicious attacks

Knox knox, who’s there?

With Microsoft’s acquisition of CloudKnox Security in the last year, it’s no surprise that CloudKnox is also expanding its multi-cloud capabilities.

We’re excited to tell you about the public preview of CloudKnox Permissions Management, a unified SIEM (security information and event management) solution that manages permissions of any identity across any cloud.

CloudKnox Permissions Management offers detailed visibility into all identities across your cloud infrastructure, such as the permissions granted, and the permissions used. This allows you to uncover any action performed, by any identity, on any resource.

This isn’t limited to just user identities, but also includes workload identities such as virtual machines, access keys, containers, and scripts. All of this works across the three key cloud providers: AWS, GCP, and Azure.

New features for Microsoft Sentinel

As the volume of security data continues to grow exponentially across businesses, Microsoft is reinventing the economics of SIEM and delivering new ways to store, search and analyse security data, removing blind spots.

New data logs allow for the collection of high volumes of security data at a lower cost. It’s never been easier for your security analysts to access any data, over any timeframe, to provide the most comprehensive and innovative threat hunting solution on the market.

Microsoft Azure Payment HSM service

Last but by no means least, Microsoft have announced a new service, Azure Payment HSM. It’s been launched in public preview for payment card issuers and network and payment processors to work securely in the cloud. It provides the highest levels of protection for cryptographic keys and customer PINs for secure payment transactions(Azure Payment HSM is available for preview in East US and North Europe regions).

Adopt your own zero-trust policy

With all these services available, there’s no need to leave anything to chance. If you want to find out more about anything in this article, or want to hear about the latest cybersecurity innovations, drop us a line at One of our experts will be ready and waiting to help.