Desirre Kaluza
February 1, 2021

In to the blue sea of Cybersecurity with Westcoast Cloud

In my second week as Product Manager, I had a training session with one of the cyber security specialists at Westcoast Cloud. The main thing which resonated with me then, and still does to this day is that people don’t want to discuss cyber security.

Despite the many new additions to the glossary of cybercrimes, such as malware, ransomware, phishing, the idea behind them is the same, and the consequences to a business can be devastating.

Throughout 2020, a lot had to change to accommodate for home working. There was a shift in thinking and, as much as there was a lot of hardship, we are harvesting a lot of good from the exodus from the office. Our approach has changed.

With cyberattacks becoming more automated and sophisticated, security tools need to work in sync to provide a holistic view of our systems. By blurring boundaries between home and work, vulnerabilities have multiplied and, with the whole industry still learning how to best protect their employees from cyberthreats, it is of utmost importance that we help educate our customers.

Incorporating cyber security into the conversation has become essential. But we cannot bridge the knowledge gap that causes people to not want to discuss it, if we don’t give them the information they need. A deep dive into the possible risks is absolutely necessary, and it should be done by experts.

Acronis have massively evolved from a traditional backup provider to develop a robust proactive cyber protection proposition. They are partnered with Westcoast Cloud and, as their Product Manager, I will be looking at the world of cyberthreats through their eyes as they help me get into diving gear and ready to share their unique insights with our customers.

Keep your eye out for our upcoming journey.