John Breslin
June 29, 2021

Get to know our Azure SureStep Ambassador John Breslin

Hi, I’m John Breslin and I’ve worked in the tech and cloud space for over five years. I’ve spent this time engaging with customers on the challenges they’re facing and finding out how I can help. And I’m learning just about everything you’ll ever need to know about Azure.

In my current role as Azure SureStep Ambassador for Westcoast Cloud, I manage the commercial aspects of our reseller base – helping partners use Azure to create solutions for their customers. By offering continuous training and development, I ensure that partners are making the most of their Microsoft Partner Network relationship, developing their business strategies, and getting more from their Azure environments.

This is an exciting time for cloud, especially in Ireland. As businesses grow more comfortable with new forms of technology, we’ll see the industry grow rapidly. But this shift will open the door to a host of new security threats. Being as secure as possible is a huge concern for clients right now, and it’s prompted the development of some interesting Azure products and solutions.

Before joining Westcoast Cloud, I worked at Vodafone for three years in several different sales roles, working specifically with IoT and cloud products. I’ve also completed the Miller Heiman training, AWS Cloud Practitioner exam and the Azure Fundamentals AZ900 exam. 

I work with Westcoast Cloud partners in Ireland to grow their businesses and sell more Azure services. I do this by helping them to develop solutions and manage funds effectively, and providing support for their marketing activities.

If you have any questions, drop me an email: