Protect your network systems and data from ransomware, hardware failure and natural disasters

No one knows what tomorrow will bring. Be it hackers, an earthquake or an alien invasion, there’s plenty out there on the horizon with the potential to disrupt a small business and cause it to lose its data.


Carbonite gives businesses peace of mind by shielding them from the effects of common forms of data loss, including malware, computer crashes, floods and volcanic eruptions. It does this by backing up files, folders and entire systems in the cloud, and recovering clean versions if the originals are lost or become infected.


Carbonite’s package for businesses includes:

  • Easy-to-use cloud backup protection for all important files
  • Quick recovery of files, folders and complete systems
  • Clean file recovery in the event of originals becoming infected with ransomware
  • Award-winning support, seven days a week
  • Advanced encryption both at rest and in-flight

Carbonite, an OpenText company, began backing up files in the cloud way back in 2005, and today protects a grand total of 700 billion files for its customers.