27 September 2021

September monthly news

Wow, it’s almost autumn – where did the summer go? Before the nights really start to close in, here’s a ray of audio sunshine in the form of Tom Marwood, our Head of Partner Management. He’s here to share the latest cloud news, bringing you bang up to date with the latest offers, products and policy changes to tell your customers about.

October Partner Event – ELEVATE

A date for your diary: ELEVATE 2021 on 7 October. It will arm you with some next-level thinking so that you come out of the pandemic stronger than you went in.

This year’s speakers will include Westcoast Cloud’s technical experts and our colleagues at Microsoft – plus award-winning B2B agency, The Marketing Practice. You’ll find more details, and a registration form, here.

CSP Pricing Update

Microsoft have announced a price change that has snuck up on us all. The CSP RRP price list has been slightly incorrect for a while, but it has now been fixed. This does mean that some prices have gone up and some down. We are talking a matter of pennies here, but still important to know it’s happening.
The September price list is updated so this will be reflected in your October bill.

Announcing Intune per-device for Enterprise, for CSP partners

Microsoft has a new Intune offer that helps Enterprise organisations manage devices assigned to a single authenticated user (i.e. not used by lots of authenticated users). Not only will it help you simplify deal structures, but it also lets you offer a more competitive deal to customers

Pricing for Microsoft’s New Commerce Experience

Microsoft recently announced some pricing changes for their New Commerce Experience. We explained all the updates, as well as Microsoft’s new 365 pricing, during our recent partner session, which also featured a useful Q&A.

With the New Commerce Experience you get more predictable revenue – and your customers know exactly what they’re paying.

Kickbacks for Azure growth

The Azure incentive campaign runs from now until 30 June 2022. If you needed any further motivation to grow Azure Consumed Revenue (ACR) with your SMB customers, this is it.

By increasing any customer’s ACR (via CSP) from under $1,000 to over $1,500 for a single month, you could earn $1,000 in incentives.

A sweet deal with Teams Phone

Teams Phone is one of the solutions that Microsoft is very keen to push this year. It’s been incredibly successful, with 80 million monthly active Teams Calling Users so far. And in good news for partners, Microsoft’s Teams Phone incentive means that for every customer with >30 seats of Microsoft 365 Business Voice (with or without a calling plan) you can earn an additional $500. And you can rack up those benefits, up to $10,000 per partner. Find out how to build your voice practice here.

Online Presence Assessment

Our free Online Presence Assessment (OPA), worth over £400, is still open for Westcoast Cloud partners. The OPA will check how effectively your digital channels are building your business.

It includes a full audit of your website and other online channels, a detailed report, plus a consultation to help you make the changes you need to drive more business your way. There are further details on our partner hub.

Influential Training

Finally, another great offer: 60% off Microsoft Certified training across the entire Microsoft suite. There’s a cap of £5,000 per partner and to qualify for the deal you need to buy in September and train before the end of November. So get your skates on – it’s first-come, first-served. You can sign up here, or contact our team.

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