30 May 2022

May monthly news

May is here, and so far, the weather’s been as expected – cloudy with a chance of sunshine!

Speaking of clouds, we’ve got plenty of cloud-related news below for you to check out. As always, give us a shout if you have any questions.

Legacy CSP renewals: better late than never…

There’s still time to renew your CSP subscriptions on the legacy platform – but you’ll have to get your skates on! Microsoft has extended the deadline from 1 July to 11 July. After that, you’ll have to buy seat-based subscriptions in NCE, as they won’t be automatically renewed in CSP.

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The NCE discount isn’t over – yet

Until 30 June, Microsoft is price matching new commerce seat-based offers with CSP. After that, they’re upping the cost of monthly-term NCE SKUs. We recommend that you take advantage of this discount while you can. After all, you’re going to have to switch to NCE eventually – so why not save money in the process?

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Teams Audio: what’s in a name?

‘Microsoft Teams Audio select dial-out SKU has been renamed ‘Microsoft Teams Audio Conferencing with dial-out to USA/CAN’. But when it comes to the price, features and business model, nothing has changed. The zero-cost SKU will apply to the UK and all other regions. Don’t miss this opportunity to keep your customers connected.

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Help others make a difference

Want to support more charitable activities? Microsoft Cloud for Nonprofit will become available to commercial organisations from 1 June 2022. It’s ideal for companies who need fundraising and volunteer management solutions, such as those in the government, education and healthcare sectors. Find out how you can give back and grow your business at the same time.

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