5 August 2021

July monthly news

Settle in for July’s cloud news

Lockdown is over (perhaps). The sun is shining (sometimes). And we have plenty of Microsoft news to keep you updated (always).

Once again, we bring you our Head of Partner Management, Tom Marwood, to talk you through what’s new in August. We also recap all the key points below.

Over to you, Tom…

August price changes

August’s price list will show increases impacting all EMS E3, EMS E5, and Intune standalone products. You can find the details here and here.


Windows 365 is here

Windows 365 takes the operating system to the cloud, allowing users to access apps, data, settings and more from anywhere on any compatible device. See what this means for your customers.

Dynamic 365 data within Teams

All Microsoft Teams customers can now securely access their Dynamics 365 data via Teams at no extra cost. Microsoft is the only vendor to offer this capability without the need for an additional software licence.

Listen to the Connected & Ready podcast

In Microsoft’s latest Connected & Ready podcast, remote work expert Stephanie Nadi Olson discusses the unique challenges of managing remote teams. Listen to the podcast here or in all the usual places.

Microsoft Viva partner integrations

Microsoft has announced 21 new partner integrations with its employee experience platform, Microsoft Viva. All will be available later this year. Head to the Microsoft Viva blog to find out more.
Microsoft are aiming to release the rest of the Viva suite Autumn 2021.

Azure Virtual Desktop updates

There are several Azure Virtual Desktop updates this month, with changes to the Active Directory, onboarding in the Azure portal, and metadata storage locations. You’ll find everything you need to know right here.

Microsoft 365 Lighthouse

Microsoft 365 Lighthouse is now in public preview. To learn more, head to the Microsoft 365 Lighthouse section of Microsoft Docs.

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